No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern
No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern
No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern
No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern
No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern

No.1010 Round Zip Top Pouch / PDF paper pattern

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With a round zip top, this pouch can open wide to let you see inside easily. The body has a crush-resistant structure that is good for holding computer accessories. You will use a diamond-point stitching awl to make holes one by one when you sew an extra piece to build the belt gussets. This is perfect for those who have never used a diamond-point stitching awl before.

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Materials used in the sample
.URUKUST SMOOTH LEATHER 1.6mm Small size x1
view detail

view detail
5# Metal zipper 24cm
view detail

Tools and supplies used in the sample

- Box cutter
- Cutting matt
- Ruler
- Round awl
- Silver pen
- Compass/wing divider
- Dresser file
- Loofa sponge
- Edge slicker
- Rubber mat
- Wooden mallet
- One-pronged chisel with 4mm spacing
- Two-pronged chisel with 4mm spacing
- Four-pronged chisel with 4mm spacing
- Glue applicator stick
- 2 hand-sewing needles
- Scissors

- Linen thread
- Beeswax
- Glossing polish(TOKONOLE)
- Rubber cement
- Leather dye
- Cotton swab
- Wood glue

Special tools needed to make this item
- Leather hole punch 12mm
- Stitching awl
- Double sided tape 3mm
- Cigarette lighter
- Piece of cork