MAKING AND THINGS BY.URUKUST is a website designed for people who enjoy leathercraft.

For those who want to make leather items for themselves or for someone special, we're providing a variety of contents such as easy-to-handle materials, video lessons, and patterns designed to be used without a sewing machine or a leather skiving machine.


Handmake something every day

Making something by hand is special and it used to be part of our daily life.
For example, sewing was one of the household chores, and we could always catch the work of a craftsman in the neighborhood... Making something was an everyday activity for many people.
In the modern era, we can buy anything we want, but we don't have opportunities to think about where or how they're made. The idea of making something seems to have gone far away.

People have forgotten how to create things

When you want something, you can actually make it yourself.
We're hoping that making things will be once again become common in our daily lives.

Making things gives us a chance to expand our imagination

Making things by hand can broaden your horizons and bring out a lot of other ideas.
You can search on materials and compare them to what is sold in stores.
It may even lead you to think about your life and the environment.
Because we live in this age of convenience, where we have easy access to so much information at any time, we believe that it's important to nurture our imagination.

Founded in 2011 as a leathercraft kit brand. Later, a handmade product line started. The products have innovative designs with a highly functional simple structure that has cut down on unnecessary parts.
Since then, .URUKUST has been producing leathercraft items, teaching lessons, and holding workshops. They have also published books to spread the joy and importance of making things through leathercraft.